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The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is affectionately known as “the Salvos” in Australia an is one of the Country’s most loved organisations, with research revealing that it is by far the most respected charity is Australia.
The Salvation Army assists 1.08 million people each year through out Australia. The annual cost of delivering these services is over $300 million.

In Victoria, the Salvation Army is continuing to play a major role in helping those communities devastated by the Victorian bushfires. In the first three days after the bushfires, the Salvation Army provided more than $1 million in immediate financial payments to bushfire victims across Victoria.

At Whittlesea and Wallan, two of the largest emergency response sites, The Salvation Army assisted nearly 900 families and individuals with support and financial aid. At Yarra Glen, Healesville and Traralgon the Salvation Army assisted over 500 people. They also provided more than 5,000 meals during the bushfires. The Salvation Army is currently working at 10 sites across the state, supporting the community in a variety of different ways.

The amazingly generous support from the Australian public and business community has enabled the Salvation Army to provide cash very quickly to those affected by the bushfires. In the early stages of the crisis, this was the best possible assistance the Salvation Army could offer to people left with nothing.

As the emergency response process continues and people move towards the recovery phase the Salvation Army continues to offer financial, emotional and material support to individuals and families who have suffered great loss. The Salvation Army services are as wide-ranging and diverse as the areas of need in the community because of this the Salvation Army is able to integrate bushfire victims into their mainstream social services.

The Salvation Army raised more than $17.5 million thanks to caring supporters that will all go directly to communities and people who have lost everything.


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