A member of the Federation of Australian State and Territory Day Associations and the British and Commonwealth Societies Association. Patron in Chief: Sir James Gobbo AC CVO KStJ QC.



The Victoria Day Council is an Association, incorporated in the state of Victoria. It is an independent, non-political organisation maintained by public subscription. Membership is open to all Victorians. In the incorporation documents, three aims for the Victoria Day Council are stated as:

  1. To celebrate Victoria Day, 1 July – the day Victoria was founded and which was, prior to World War I, a state public holiday.
  2. To support and encourage Victorians in all fields including Commerce, the Arts, Sport, Community and Public Life.
  3. To support Victorian Charities and other worthwhile causes that are of benefit to those in need in the state.

Focus Areas

Victorian of the Year

The main focus of the Council is on 1 July – Victoria Day. This is the day where the Victorian of the Year is announced along with other important awards recognising Victorians and organisation who have demonstrated extraordinary community and public service.

Separation Day

The Victoria Day Council also celebrates the arrival of the news of Victoria’s independence on 15 November 1850 – Separation Day. This event is held at the original site of the Separation Tree. An annual reenactment of Lieutenant Governor Charles La Trobe’s reading of the proclamation of separation is held on this date. While the Separation Tree has expired, the Council has ensured stewardship of saplings which have been distributed to public places across Victoria so as to ensure the tradition of honouring this event is continued to be celebrated.

Separation Anniversary Dinner and La Trobe Lecture

The Separation Anniversary Dinner and La Trobe Lecture features a keynote from Victorian of the Year.


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